"Warm & Fuzzy Mayhem!"
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Raves for Christopher D. Ochs

"... amazing stories that would chill me to the bone one minute and then leave me surprised the next."
Readers' Favorite

"... well-written and entertaining ... highly crafted adult adventure ... Superbly told and engaging."
US Review of Books

"... delightfully dark and quirky ... channeling his inner Roald Dahl."
A. E. Decker, The Moonshine Mayhem series

"All are splendidly written and demonstrate [his] breadth and range as a storyteller."
Phil Giunta, By Your Side, Testing the Prisoner

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Book Signing
 Northampton Craft Fair
 Oct 20 2019, 10AM - 3PM
 Northampton PA

Join me along with other BWG members for books and crafts!

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HELP! I Need a New Slogan!
"Warm & Fuzzy Mayhem" was coined when I penned Pindlebryth. Now that I'm published in 8 books, it's time for a slogan that reflects my expanded universe.

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