If I Can't Sleep, You Can't Sleep
Disturbed and Disturbing Bedtime Reading to Inflict on Naughty Children ... of All Ages

Fairy Tales, Myths & Legends
The Woman in the Sand - A man exiled to solitude works to restore a statue to life -•- The Mask of Jyestha - The Goddess of Ugliness bestows a gift to a tormented young girl -•- The Best Instrument - The Muses decide who created the finest musical instrument -•- The Tower of the Moon - A hunter follows a magical beast into an elaborate prison -•- The Troll of Helenbak - An unusual troll kidnaps a fair maiden whom no one wants to rescue
Short Stories
Granpa's Dream House - Was my Granpa the country's greatest hero, or the world's biggest liar? -•- Adopt, Adapt and Improve - An adoption agency has something to hide -•- The Christmas Monster - Where does Father Christmas get those lumps of coal? -•- No Thing to Worry About - A boy steals more than he bargains for -•- No Children Aloud - Three friends take a club initiation in a haunted hospital

"... amazing stories that would chill me to the bone one minute and then leave me surprised the next."
Readers' Favorite

"... delightfully dark and quirky ... The author appears to be channeling his inner Roald Dahl"
A. E. Decker, The Falling of the Moon, The Meddlers of Moonshine

"All are splendidly written and demonstrate [his] breadth and range as a storyteller."
Phil Giunta, Testing the Prisoner, Somewhere in the Middle of Eternity

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Pindlebryth of Lenland
The Five Artifacts

2nd Edition

Pindlebryth, Prince of Lenland, awakens to discover the people of his entire nation have been enslaved by a forgotten enemy. He soon learns it is all but a part of a larger plot by an unknown nemesis to use the mystical Artifacts to remake the entire world in their own image.
Pindlebryth, and Lenland's untried sorceress Darothien, struggle against betrayal, international intrigue, and an unseen puppetmaster, as they race to follow a bewildering trail of ancient clues to locate the most powerful of the Artifacts.

"A highly crafted adult adventure filled with political intrigue, suspense, and an air of mystery. Superbly told and engaging, [Pindlebryth] is a solid entry into fantasy literature. — RECOMMENDED"
The US Review of Books

"This page-turning fantasy combines the intrigue of a gripping spy novel with the heroic action of all great epics."
Plum McCauley, Worthy of Prometheus

"Magic, betrayal, and conspiracy abound in this richly woven, Arthurian fantasy of a Lemming prince in a world ruled by feathered and furred characters."
D.T.Krippene, contributor, Untethered

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Sweet, Funny, and Strange Tales of the Paranormal

Stoke the campfire and get ready for some chills and goosebumps when you open this paranormal addition to the award-winning Bethlehem Writers Group's "Sweet, Funny, and Strange" anthologies.

Untethered contains two of my stories:
Ride of His Life - A bunch of kids receive a message from a roller coaster's unexpected passenger.
Un-Familiar Spirit - Two Egyptologists embroil friends and family into their exploration into whether or not ghosts truly exist.

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The Write Connections
2017 GLVWG Anthology

22 short stories, 7 essays and 12 poems, all from members of the Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group. It includes my thriller set in the not-so-distant future, Deadly Embrace.

... and guess who did the cover art again?!

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Once upon a Time
Sweet, Funny, and Strange Tales for All Ages

A collection of 21 stories to grow with your child. The young-reader anthology from the prolific award-winning Bethlehem Writers Group, Once upon a Time contains my beginner-reader fairie-tale Give and Take and my middle-reader story Book Worm, both right up my mirthful macabre "Twilight Zone for Kids" alley!

"A readable treat ... the perfect book to snuggle up with before bedtime or share over milk and cookies ... sure to delight both youngsters and the young at heart." -
A.E. Decker
, the Moonfall Mayhem series

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Write Here, Write Now
2016 GLVWG Anthology

28 short stories, 9 essays and 12 poems, all from members of the Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group, it includes my deliciously weird fantasy short story, That Which Was Lost.

It was my honor and privilege to be the anthology chair for this project (also appearing as: one of many editors, formatter, cat herder and chief bottle washer).
This work includes works by many published authors: Eric Ahrweiler,  Brenda Havens,  John Evans,  Phil Giunta,  Keith Keffer,  David A. Miller II,  Bernadette Sukley,  Rachel C. Thompson,  and Carol L. Wright, along with several first-time-published writers.

... and guess who did the cover art ?!

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GLVWG Writes Stuff
2015 GLVWG Anthology

Scary, serious, inspirational and funny, these tales will transport you to other places, other times, or maybe just to your own back yard.

GLVWG's first anthology of 27 short stories and 13 essays, it includes my horror/suspense short story, Eight. Who would have guessed it would be a harbinger of the dozens of short stories to come?


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